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Analysis of road network


Missing elements of roads

Description: Middle parts of road lines are not assigned to the road name. Solution : The script that was eliminating single nameless parts embedded by two parts with the same name was extended to merge all unnamed part of a road that are neighbors to one.

Mis-assignments of road names at crossings

Description: Parts of known roads are misassigned, mainly at crossings. At the crossing of road A and B the first part of road B is misassigned as part of road A. Solution : A script was developed that is checking if more than one name occurs between two crossing. These features are marked as “à verifier”

Road features are not conform to orthophoto

Description: Road features are not conform to the underlaying orthophoto

Solution : None.

Orthophoto is not conform to cadastral land register

Descrition: Orthophoto is not up-to-date, there are parcels with no visible roads.

Small fragments of roads

Description: Small road fragments (less 15-20 m) weren't assigned to any address. The names between crossing script detect those cases.

Improvement propose: All small fragments less then 20 m (minimal size of a single road?) should copy the name of the neighbor if they are between the same pair of crossing.

Solution: (27.11.2013) A script was developed that is using the between crossing segments and checks if there is one known and one unknown part, if the unknown part is shorter then 20 m, the name of the known part was set as name of the short part.

Possible improvement

Comment: Road names are unique for each locality.

POS IMPROVEMENT: For each line check if there are any touching lines with the edge elements. From that selection check if there are 2 lines with identical names → high chances that the unknown part could be part of that line. Attention: It's necessary to check if the neighbors with the same are not touching the same edge of the candidate line.

COMMENT: Rue generally ends at crossings. POS IMPROVEMENT: Check if end of road is located at the intersection of other roads


  • COMMENT: By merging all untitle featues to one, check if features have any neighbor elements or no. (roads to nowhere should be ignored )


  • COMMENT: Add possibility to mark road that cannot be assigned to a name as “à verifier manuel” by addition of polygone or attribute value
  • COMMENT: Add possibility to mark road as not accessible for cars
  • COMMENT: Add possibility to mark possible cadasteral errors (e.g. rue Amalberg RODANGE)
  • COMMENT: Add the “Lieudit” as hover information at the “Liegenschaftskadaster” layer


  • ERROR: Rue Prince Henri à Bascharage is marked as part of Hautcharage (ObjectID: 11105)
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