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7.1 Selecting a geoproduct

The selection of a geoproduct happens in the catalogue itself:
( → more informations in section 6)

First the overall product category has to be chosen, or a multi-criteria search has to be launched. The results of the search is a list of the products with the following information:

  • Name of the product with a link to the metadata
  • Provider
  • A caddie which contains a link to select this product and to continue with the next step of the procedure

The list is paginated and can be sorted following the name of the product or the providers.

Next to the links connected to the multi-criteria search (New search and Modify the search parameters), the user can :

  • Select a product which he wants to order by clicking on the icon which changes its colour:
  • Go on with the order : the geoportal saves the product choice and moves on to the next step

Shortcut : the user can do the selection more quickly by directly clicking on the wanted product’s name instead of the caddie. This automatically leads to the next step.

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