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The menu on your left

Layer selection

In the section “Layer selection” the activated geodata layers are displayed.

"Layer selection" options

1. Current activated layer
2. Show the layer options
3. Deactivate the layer
1. Adjusting layer transparency
2. Hide sub-options
3. Display Infobox (Meta / Legend)



The catalog offers a variety of geographical data, structured according to themes set out in Annexes I to III of the INSPIRE directive.
In this menu you can enable or disable different layers by checking or unchecking the box.

The categories currently available:

  • Geographical location
    • Administrative units
    • Properties, buildings and addresses
  • Transport
    • Buildings
    • Transport networks
  • Land surface
    • Orthophoto-images
    • Hydrography
  • Environment, Biology and Geology
    • Habitats and biotopes
    • Geology
    • Natural hazard areas

Hide/Show the menu

By clicking on the Full map button, the sidebar is removed and gives us the most of screen space for displaying the map.
To reopen the menu just click on .


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