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The taskbar

Overview of the taskbar :

Home button

With the Home button, you can return to the portal home page.
Your session is getting automatically reset.

Help button

By clicking on the Help button displays this document.
This help is formulated in wiki format by using the dokuwiki system.

Contact button

The Contact button opens a new page with a contact form.
If you have any suggestions or complaints, please let us know.
Get informations on the legal base by clicking on the Legal bases button.

Language bar

Do your language choice to display the map portal in your preferred language.
The current language is displayed in bold.


Show full map

By clicking on the function Full map, the menu disappears and the map appears in a larger size.
To reopen the menu just click on .

Aerial Images

With this function it is possible to overlie the base layer with the aerial image by setting their degree of transparency through the regulator button.




Background/basic plan choice

With this function you can choose the basic plan (background).
You have the following options:
- Topographic map
- White background

Previous map view

This button lets you return to the previous view.

Next map view

This button takes you back to the next view after returning to the previous view.

Calculate distance

With this function, it is possible to calculate a distance between two or more points.
To begin, you simply click on a point on the map where you want to start, then you set a second point of your choice by double-clicking on the map again.
The distance between the two points is displayed in a new window. The distance unit is indicated in kilometers.
Simple distance calculation
Extended distance calculation


Calculate area

With this function, it is possible to calculate the area inside the polygon, defined by a series of points where you can point on the map.
Example :
Simple surface calculation

Fast research

The quick search allows you to locate locations on the map specified by encoding all or part of the name of a town or locality.


With the function Link, it is possible to create permalinks on the current map. The system builds relationships that safeguard the parameters to reconstruct the current map displayed with all the current layers activated.


You can simply print or save the map in PDF format by clicking the Print button.
1. Click the Print button in the toolbar.
2. A red rectangle appears, representing the printing area. The dimensions of the rectangle depends first on the scale of the active map, and secondly on the scale selection for printing. After choosing the printing scale, you can redirect the red rectangle on the location of your choice.
3. After placing the red rectangle on the desired location, click Print on the Print submenu.
4. Then the portal tells you that he is creating your PDF.
5. When the window has finished producing the PDF, you can open the file with Adobe Reader, who can be downloaded for free at


Drawing/Redlining action

The drawing/redlining bar allows you to create annotations in the map.
By example, you can place graphical objects or personal text on the current map.
Activate the menu by clicking on Drawing.

"Redlining action" functions

Create point
Create line
Create polygon
Create label
Edit a redlining
Delete a redlining


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