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7.2 Definition of the order’s geographic extent

In the 2nd step, the user has to define the geographic extent on which he wants to order the selected product. To do so, the geoportal offers several “order extent types” among whose the user may choose. The number and sort of these extent types depend on the product. For example Act’s 1/20000 map is sold only following the fixed TC20000 map sheets.

To be oriented in the geography, a mini-mapper is available offering the most elementary navigation and location functions of the main mapper.

The “order extent type” is selected by a click on the corresponding button

If the user changes the extent type after a definition has already taken place, the procedure is initialized and a warning message appears :

Depending on the order extent type, the actions to be done can vary slightly. For this reason, in the following chapters every single order extent type is explained with its exact procedure.

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