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7.2.1 Extent type "North-South Rectangle"

The extent type “North-South Rectangle” is easy to use. It is activated by clicking on the button “Rectangle”. Then the geographic extent is defined in the map by drawing the rectangle as shown in the picture : start on the upper left point, hold down the left mouse button, keep it down while moving the mouse pointer to the opposite point right below. Then release the mouse button. The map window shows the rectangle.
Steps to do
On the lower right side of the screen, the coordinates of the rectangle are listed:
Alternative steps to do
Instead of defining the order extent graphically, it is also possible to type the x,y coordinates of the rectangle.
The coordinates are considered to belong to the actually active coordinate system
After typing the coordinates of one point in the fields, the point is saved in the drop-down list with the button.
After defining the 2nd point, the rectangle is defined and can be drawn correspondingly.
The button can be used to delete the selected point from the list. 1.
To go on with your order…
After having defined the order extent, the user can move on to the next step of the ordering procedure by clicking on the button
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