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7.2.2 Order extent type "Polygon"

The order extent type “Polygon” is activated by clicking on the button “Polygon”. Then the different vertices (points) that compose the polygon can be defined graphically in the map window with the left mouse button: every point is defined by a click on its location, and is drawn as a small filled square. This procedure is repeated as often as there are points needed to define the order extent.
Steps to go
On the lower right of the screen the coordinates of the points that have been defined, are listed in the drop-down list:
Finally, the polygon composed by the points from the list, can be validated with a click on the button. The polygon is drawn in red transparent colour in the map. This way a visual control of the order extent is possible.
Alternative steps to go
Instead of defining the order extent graphically, it is also possible to type the x,y coordinates of the polygon. The coordinates are considered to belong to the actually active coordinate system:
After typing the coordinates of one point in the fields, the point is saved in the drop-down list with the button
The button can be used to delete the selected point from the list
After defining the last point, the polygon is validated with the button and is drawn accordingly. This way a visual control of the order extent is possible.
To go on with your order…
After having defined the order extent, the user can move on to the next step of the ordering procedure by clicking on the button
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