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8.2.9 Order extent type "Cadastral parcel"

With the order extent “Cadastral parcel” it is possible to define an order extent based upon a cadastral parcel. It is activated by clicking on the button FIXME, and the order screen looks like shown in the picture below:


As shown in the example, the parcel is specified by providing the following information in the indicated order:

  • the cadastral commune (to be selected in the list)
  • the cadastral section (idem)
  • the principal number of the parcel
  • the supplementary number of the parcel

The pictures below illustrate the procedure:


With the button FIXME, the data is validated and saved in form of the unique cadastral parcel code in the field below. The FIXME button can be used to delete parcel from the list.


After having defined the order extent, the user can move on to the next step of the ordering procedure by clicking on the button FIXME.

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