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8.3 Specific properties of the order

After the product to be ordered has been chosen, a certain number of specific properties concerning the order request have to be fixed. This information enables the provider of the product to create and to deliver it conformingly. These parameters are entered in a form and the content of the form varies with the product. It is called “geoportal order form”. The following picture shows an example of the order form for the product “BD-L-TC complete (with attributes)“.


The order properties are organized in 4 chapters :

The identification of the order or estimate request
  • Name of the order * : It is freely chosen by the customer in order to have a reference to his order which is easily recognizable.
  • Kind of request * : If enabled by the provider, the customer can either request an order or only an estimate.
The ordered data
  • Coordinate system * : Cartographic projection used to deliver the data. The choice is done in a drop-down list. If forgotten, the message « Please select a coordinate system » appears.
  • Data format * : Kind of file format used to deliver the extracted geodata. The choice is done in a drop-down list. If forgotten, the message « Please select a format» appears.
  • Operation system * : Operation system on which the data will be stored and used. The choice is done in a drop-down list. If forgotten, the message « Please select an operation system » appears.
  • Clipping mode : With this parameter the customer can choose between 3 options concerning the retrieval of the data to be delivered in the product in relation with the contour of the order extent.
    • With “Exclusively interior”, only the features that are completely inside the order extent without touching the limit, are delivered.
    • With “Interior and limits”, all features interior and touching the limits of the order extent are delivered, but those that touch the limit are clipped at the limit line.
    • With “Interior and crossing the order extent limit” all features that are inside the limit as well as those that touch the order extent limit are delivered entirely.
  • Group * : If several cadastral communes are ordered, they can be put together (grouped) in one single file, or delivered as separate files.
  • Delivery method * : The media used to ship the product. The choice is done in a drop-down list.
Provider specific properties

Next to the properties already described, it is possible that the order form contains more fields to be filled out. Indeed the provider may need other information for his internal management of the orders, than the intrinsic parameters mentioned above, and he can add the corresponding fields to the order form. For this reason an entire section “specific properties” exists in the order form.

After providing all the necessary information in the order form, the customer may proceed to the last step with the button FIXME.

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