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8.4 Order summary and sending the order or estimate request


In the last step a summary lists all the parameters concerning the order or estimate request that have been fixed during the preceding steps The customer can check them before sending the request.

The customer can :

  • Save the order to keep it as a draft for later use (attention : then the order is NOT sent)
  • Send the order to the geoportal

In case the customer is not yet logged in the geoportal, the following message appears :

[« Please authenticate by providing your username and password in the login block on the upper left of the page. Your order will be saved temporarily and be kept available when your identification has been done. »]

Using his password the user can log into the portal, and his order will be available to send. But it is important to notice that authentication is only possible for users who have been granted a username and password previously by Luxembourg’s Cadastre and Topography Administration ACT.

The anonymous user « general public » does not have the rights to send orders in the geoportal.

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