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11. Functions of the "Product and data provider"

The product and data providers that are linked to the geoportal generally have the following possibilities in the system:

  • They can insert products of their own in the geoportal's product catalog, even if these products cannot be ordered or are not available. These metadata can be inserted directly in the geoportal, using the provider's root account or a sub-account duly validated for this task and the corresponding product. The function for this actions is named “Create metadata”.
  • They can offer their own products for sale. To do so, they first have to announce and to configure these products within the geoportal. This can be done using the function “Manage products”.
  • See and handle the incoming orders of their products. This can either be done within an external automatic work flow application, or manually in the portal itself. These actions concerning the orders can be done using either de provider's root account or using a sub-account which has been previously habilitated to this extent. The corresponding function is “Handle the orders”.
  • Provide geodata layers to be shown in the mapping tool of the geoportal. However this integration of new data in the mapping tools cannot be done by the provider himself and needs actions to be undertaken by the system administrators.
  • Providers can also create geodata webservices and have them integrated in the geoportal's access control system. This way the external geodata provider can benefit from the security layer provided by the geoportal. To achieve this integration, mutual collaboration between provider and geoportal administration team is necessary.
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