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12. Publication of own geodata layers in the mapping tools

Providers of the geoportal can have their own geodata published in the mapping tools of the geoportal.

Quite contrary to the creation of new products, this publication cannot be done autonomously by the provider. Indeed the system architecture needs the interaction between both the provider and the system administrators.

The following steps are necessary:

12.1 Agreement about the layers to be published

When a provider wants to publish own geodata layers, he decides together with the responsible persons at ACT about the access conditions to his data in the mappers. He also decides about the names of the layers in the 4 languages, and about the main themes the layers should be classified in.

These decisions are added to the written common agreements between ACT and the provider.

12.2 Norm compliant webservices

Providers should create OGC compliant webservices of their geodata (WMS) and give ACT access to them. ACT uses the webservices to add the data to the mapping tools

- by integrating the webservices in the “old” mapping tool (RedSpiderWeb technology)

- by using the webservice to calculate tile caches for the general public viewer

In case of technical problems, ACT may offer its help to create the webservices. If no technical means exist at the provider's organisation, it is also possible to deliver the data to ACT. In this case, the geoportal department creates the webservices and does all the necessary actions to publish the geodata.

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