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1. Introduction

Taking into account the Government of Luxembourg's policy to reform the civil services and to promote an easier access of State's Services especially through the internet, the National Cadastre and Topography Administration (ACT) contributes to the national eLuxembourg program and offers a new internet service to the public services as well as to the citizen in general.

With the National Geoportal of Luxembourg, ACT has created a powerful tool to communicate with the users. This tool is designed to provide the cadastral and topographic information and data which are under the responsibility of ACT, as well as geodata from other providers cooperating with the system.

The main targets of the geoportal are:

  • Easier access to the data of ACT and the other connected providers
  • Faster delivery of ordered products and data
  • Reduce the staff workload by eliminating tasks which can be done automatically
  • More transparent interaction between Civil Service and customer
  • Create a central geodata exchange platform for Luxembourg
  • Provide a key element of the national geodata infrastructure of Luxembourg
  • Contribute to satisfy the national and international needs for geodata and metadata
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